Best Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale

Best Pasta Italian Food Authentic Restaurant Miami

I got SO lucky when finding this hidden gem! I found this place in early 2021 when we were driving through Miami on our way to the Florida Keys! My husbands parents and two other couples were with us and we all fell in love with this place! From the food down to the service everything is simply impeccable! We loved it so much on the drive back stopped again to go back there. Recently my mother and father in law flew to Miami for the weekend just to go eat there! I always get a pasta dish! Someone literally hand makes the pasta in the back!

Authentic Italian Pasta

Elegant yet understated, it’s the perfect scene for a romantic night on the town. As memorable as the setting is, the food is even more stunning. The presentation of the food is perfect. You can for sure tell that love is put into every dish that you order. The homemade bread with the highest quality of olive oil and parmesan cheese will leave you wanting more. Needless to say if your staying in Fort Lauderdale you need to go try this place out and let me know how much you love it! I wish I lived near this place! I wouldn't hesitate to say this is my favorite Restaurant of all time!



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